Richmond Graphic Products

Richmond Graphic Products


Rugged floor models units for direct and indirect film exposure.


Richmond's durable Direct Screen Vacuum Frames are made of high gauge welded steel and are used for direct and indirect film exposures. Frames are loaded glass down and rotate for vertical or overhead exposure. Gas pistons are used for smooth raising and lowering action of the DSVF frames. A high pressure vacuum system ensures quick draw down and perfect contact for a fine screen detail. Optically clear 3/8" or 1/2" glass with seamed edges is standard. The deep draw vacuum blanket is made with finely textured, flexible natural rubber which has suberb UV resistence and enduring elasticity. The UV resistance and elasticity of natural rubber coupled with the fact that the vacuum ports go through the DSVF frame and do not pierce the rubber ensures long blanket life. A modular control panel incorporates a vacuum gauge, vacuum bleeder valve and an on/off vacuum control switch. Besides the standard model sizes listed, large format custom built frames are available by calling the factory.

Key Benefits

  • Gas Piston Springs.
  • Heavy Duty - High Pressure Vacuum Pumps.
  • Vacuum Gauge and Quick Release Bleeder Valve.
  • Tubular Steel Welded Construction.
  • Long Lasting Textured, UV Inhibited Deep Draw Rubber Blanket with Pure Gum Elasticity.
  • 3/8" - 1/2" Optically Clear Glass with Seamed Edges.
  • Modual Control Panel.
  • 120V, 60 Hz., Single Phase, 10 amps/pump.
  • Large, Custom Built Frames Available.


Model Max. Screen Size Ship Weight
DSVF 4353 43" x 53 520 lbs
DSVF 5454 54" x 54" 595 lbs
DSVF 5474 54" x 74" 785 lbs
DSVF 6084 60" x 84" 865 lbs
DSVF 60110 60" x 110" 990 lbs
DSVF 60140 60" x 140" 1025 lbs
DSVF 7296 72" x 96" 980 lbs
DSVF 8084 80" x 84" 1010 lbs
DSVF 80100 80" x 100" 1100 lbs
DSVF 84120 84" x 120" 1200 lbs
DSVF 84156 84" x 156" 1450 lbs