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The State-Of-The-Art Sealed Beam Tri-Metal Halide Point Light Source focused through a prismatic lens delivers the highest concentration of UV in the most ideal exposure range out-performing all other Metal Halide Lamps that are produced anywhere.


The “new” SOLARBEAM DP/CTS ScreenMaker offers ultimate flexibility for shops who prepare their screens using both film and a Richmond DirectJet CTS or similar computer to screen system. Many CTS shops continue to use film for a certain % of their screen making. The DP/CTS allows the customer to have a unit that will burn screens with the traditional vacuum, blanket and glass process BUT also withOUT the glass, blanket and vacuum, decreasing the exposure time by as much as 50% and eliminating touch ups caused by dirty or dusty glass. To expose CTS imaged screens, the glass and vacuum tabletops are simply clamped together and lifted up on gas pistons. The CTS imaged screen is placed on an EZ glide adjustable rack within the unit and exposed directly to the light. The DP/CTS ScreenMaker allows the CTS owner the ability to take advantage of the benefits CTS imaging has to offer while providing the means to effectively expose screens prepared with CTS and film using a highly effective tri-metal halide exposure system for BOTH purposes. The DP/CTS ScreenMakers offer the same high quality features and benefits of the conventional SOLARBEAM ScreenMakers.

Key Benefits

  • Dual Exposure System with or without Glass, Blanket & Vacuum.
  • Focused 7000 & 10000 UVA Tri-Metal Halide Point Light Source.
  • FDA Approved - UV Safe.
  • 30 Channel Built - In Light Integrator.
  • EZ Glide Adjustable Rack for CTS Imaged Screens.
  • Super Fast Exposures (Up to 50% faster without glass & vacuum).
  • Quality Resolution.
  • Durable Screens.
  • High Pressure Vacuum*
  • Deep Draw Blanket*
  • Automatic Vacuum/Exposure Sequence*
  • Optically Clear Glass*

*Key Features for quality exposures using film


Model Max. Screen Size (O.D.) Ship Weight
DP/CTS 7000 / 3243 32" x 43 "
82cm x 109cm
625 lbs
DP/CTS 7000 / 4362 43" x 62 "
109cm x 158cm
995 lbs
DP/CTS 10000 / 5474* 54" x 74"
138cm x 188cm
1195 lbs


* Dual Shuttered SOLARBEAM lamps are standard on the DP/CTS 10000