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Diagonal ScreenMaker 7000, 10000 & 15000

The State-Of-The-Art Sealed Beam Tri-Metal Halide Point Light Source focused through a prismatic lens delivers the highest concentration of UV in the most ideal exposure range out-performing all other Metal Halide Lamps that are produced anywhere.



Our Very BEST, top of the line, SOLARBEAM Diagonal ScreenMakers offer the same uncompromising quality as their horizontal plane counterparts, however, they are built for high and very high production screen shops with the exposing surface on a 45˚ angle for easy loading of large or multiple screens. Quick release lock and load clamps further the ease of operating the machine and a large access door allows for easy bulb replacement and maintenance. The DSM units are equipped with SOLARBEAM shuttered lamps for instant power and shorter exposure times and idle at only 400 watts!

Key Benefits

  • Focused 7000,10000 and 15000 UVA Tri-Metal Halide Point Light Source.
  • Fast and Automatic Complete Vacuum and Exposure System.
  • Independent and Synchronized Lamp Control.
  • Fully Programmable Light Integrator that Stores 30 Exposure Programs.
  • High Pressure Vacuum Renders Intimate Contact Between the Glass, Film Positive and Screen Emulsion.
  • Long Lasting Textured, UV Inhibited Deep Draw Rubber Blanket with Pure Gum Elasticity.
  • High Output Instant Power Shuttered Lamps Produce Perfect Screens Fast.
  • Microprocessor Controlled Photocell Delivers Precise Exposure.
  • 3/8" Optically Clear Float Glass
  • High Gauge Welded Steel Construction
  • 45˚ Angle for Easy Loading
  • FDA Approved Lamp: Safe Emissions and Safe to Handle withOUT gloves.
  • Solarbeam Lamps Use Significantly Less Energy and Last Significantly Longer that Traditional Metal Halide Lamps, Resulting in Significant Energy Savings.


Model Maximum Screen Size (O.D.) Ship Weight
DSM 7000 / 4362 *

43" x 62 "
109cm x 158cm

1050 lbs
DSM 7000 / 5454 *

54" x 54"
138cm x 138cm

1050 lbs
DSM 10000 / 5474**

54" x 74"
138cm x 188cm

1150 lbs
DSM 10000 / 6074**

60" x 74"
152cm x 188cm

1300 lbs
DSM 15000 / 54110** 54" x 110"
138cm x 280cm
1500 lbs
DSM 15000 / 7496 *** 74" x 96"
183cm x 244cm
1600 lbs
DSM 15000 / 82120 *** 82" x 120"
210cm x 306cm
2500 lbs
DSM 15000 / 82154*** 82" x 154"
210cm x 390cm
3000 lbs
* Single Shuttered Lamp
** Dual Shuttered Lamps
*** Three Shuttered Lamps