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SolarBeam 7000 & 10000 Exposure Lamp

The State-Of-The-Art Sealed Beam Tri-Metal Halide Point Light Source focused through a prismatic lens delivers the highest concentration of UV in the most ideal exposure range out-performing all other Metal Halide Lamps that are produced anywhere.



SOLARBEAM TRI-METAL LAMPS incorporate a 30 channel integrator and are produced in free-standing (FS) and overhead (OH) housings. SOLARBEAM is the only sealed-beam, instant start, high output, metal halide exposure bulb in the marketplace. A special prismatic lens prefectly focuses the bulbs output. Heavy duty casters are standard on the FS lamps. The OH lamps are ideal for the DirectJet CTS owner who wants to save time and eliminate extra steps by mounting the exposure lamp above the plotter and exposing screens as soon as they have been imaged. A separate control stand is standard with the OH lamps. SOLARBEAM IS SAFE...It is the only metal halide bulb that is FDA Approved.

Key Benefits

  • Focused 7000 / 10000 UVA Tri-Metal Halide Point Light Sources.
  • Light Integrator (Standard) Stores 30 Exposure Programs.
  • Produces Perfect Screens.
  • Microprocessor Controlled Photocell Delivers Precise Exposure.
  • The Only FDA Approved - MetalHalide Light Source.
  • Big $$ Energy Savings - Only on During the Exposure.
  • FS Lamp Comes Complete and Assembled With Stand and Casters.


Ship Weight Model Ship Weight
SOLARBEAM 7000 FS Lamp 350 lbs. SOLARBEAM 7000 OH Lamp 350 lbs.
SOLARBEAM 10000 FS Lamp 375 lbs. SOLARBEAM 10000 OH Lamp 375 lbs.
* Single Shuttered Lamp
** Dual Shuttered Lamps