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DirectJet CTS
Computer To Screen

DirectJet CTS Model S-800



The DirectJET CTS system images digitally prepared artwork directly to the emulsion, eliminating the use of film to create screens. There are many benefits of going "filmless." The first and foremost benefit is the immediate savings a company realizes by eliminating the use of film to produce screens as well as the labor, filing, and chemicals costs associated with film production.  Artwork is saved on a computer's hard drive or on discs that take minimal space.  No longer is there wasted time searching for film in a library of hundreds of folders or wasted time looking for a misfiled or lost piece of film.  No labor is needed for film retouching and inspection since there is no dusty film or dirty glass causing pinholes.  

Using the DirectJETCTS System also eliminates half the steps in the set up process - allowing you to deliver screens to press "just in time". Registration from color to color is within .005 mm of accuracy resulting in precise imaging from screen to screen and faster set ups on press. If a screen gets damaged on press, the replacement screen can be produced as the next in line on the DirectJET and be in perfect registration with the screen it replaces and the other screens that are printing and most importantly, your press is back running in no time.

The DirectJET uses environmentally friendly, UV masking, water based ink that gets applied directly to the emulsion.  Compared to other systems and to the cost of film, the DirectJET CTS imaging cost ranges from 4-15¢ per square foot (on average 4¢ for process color and 15¢ for spot). You also produce high resolution screens and hold dots in the 2%-3% range in the highlight and shadow areas that tend to get blown away in film imaging, particularly with textiles. The DirectJET will RIP at varying dpi (720 x 720, 720 x 1080, 1080 x 1080) up to 120 lpi.

The DirectJet is available in four standard sizes that are geared for textiles, POP and signage, heat transfers, membrane switches and graphic overlays. Other sizes are available upon request.


Key Benefits

  • Eliminate Film Costs.
  • Faster Press Set-Ups.
  • Precise Registration; color to color, screen to screen
  • Hold 2% Half Tone Dots
  • Resolution up to 120 lpi and 1080 x 1080 dpi.
  • Faster Exposure Times.
  • Improved Pre-Press Work Flow.
  • No Pin Holes.
  • Eliminate Film Storage, Gain Space.
  • Proven Epson Piezo Print Head Technology.
  • Greater Profits on Print Jobs.
  • Easy to Use Windows Based Software
  • MAC and PC Compatible.
  • Environmentally Friendly Water Based Ink.
  • Precise, Efficient, Reliable Screen Making.


Model Max. Screen Size (XxY)
in Portrait Layout
Max. Image Size (XxY)
in Portrait Layout
42" x 51" 1080 x 1298 mm 31" x 42" 802 x 1075 mm
58" x 71" 1480 x 1818 mm 47" x 62" 1198 x 1575 mm
70" x 80" 1800 x 2032 mm 65" x 68" 1654 x 1745 mm
XL-3000 132" x 86" 3374 x 2200 mm 117" x 80" 2293 x 2031 mm

Additional sizes are available upon request.