TrueVis VG series

The TrueVIS is the new generation of printer/cutters. They feature new print heads, new vibrant inks, new cutting technology, new technology to communicate with your phones and tablets, and so much more.



VersaUV LEF-300

The VersaUV LEF-3000 LED UV inkjet flatbed printer offers the flexibility of digital customization and takes productivity to the next level.

Soljet EJ-640

Soljet EJ-640

The SOLJET EJ-640 has been developed with cost-efficient high-performance productivity at the forefront. Coupled with the reliability and durability of Roland DG technology.

Texart XT-640

Texart XT-640

Discover the exciting commercial benefits of digital dye sublimation transfer printing with the Texart XT-640. You maximize your output across a wide range of applications.



The SOLJET PRO4 XR-640 is the fastest printer/cutter ever made by Roland DG. You can rely on its exceptional print quality, versatility and efficiency, while your competitors look on in amazement


How fast can the printing be done without compromising printing quality? Introducing the SOLJET PRO4XF-640 the fastest printer ever made by Roland DG.


The VersaEXPRESS RF-640 offers productivity and reliability at an extremely competitive price. This four-colour printer gives you stunning prints at high speed and low cost. As an investment therefore, the...

Texart RT-640

Developed specifically for dye sublimation, the Texart RT-640 provides superb quality, vivid colouring and highly stable performance. The RT-640 can add value to your business through a wide range of applications..

VersaUV LEF series

The VersaUV LEF series comprises two models of flatbed UV LED printers that can print directly on an infinite range of materials and objects up to 10cm height


VersaUV LEC series

The VersaUV LEC-540 and LEC-330 combine LED-UV printing with cutting. They deliver outstanding print quality on the widest range of materials. The prints dry instantly and can therefore be processed directly.

VersaCAMM VS-i series

The VS-i has everything you love in the VersaCAMM and more. We kept everything users appreciate in the VersaCAMM and have added what you still want. Examples are the latest print technology..

VersaCAMM SP-i

The VersaCAMM SPi is the entry level model par excellence. These printers with cutting function are low-cost yet excel is terms of users-friendliness. They also deliver professional quality.



VersaSTUDIO BN-20 is the smallest printer in our range. Despite its compact design, this desktop printer is extremely versatile. You can use it with white or metallic silver ink.

VersaUV LEJ-640

The VersaUVLEJ-640 is a UV printer that prints on plate material as well as on rolls. The LEJ-640 delivers excellent print quality on the widest range of materials. The prints dry instantly

VersaUV LEJ-640F series

With the VersaUV LEJ-640F series of flatbed LED-UV printers you can print onto both flexible and rigid substrates up to 15cm thick. The LEJ640 has a bed size of 1.6m by up to 3.3m.