EGX PRO series

The EGX-600 and EGX-400 are engravers of considerable size, power and speed. They can engrave at up to 100 mm/second and can process various materials such as wood, plastics and light metals.


The EGX-350 can make beautiful engraving on various materials. Examples are plastic, aluminum, copper and wood. The EGX-350 is versatile and user friendly and engraves, nameplates, lighters..




The EGX-30A is a compact, affordable and user-friendly engraving machine that is particularly interesting for companies and shops that wish to do their own engraving. This unit can engrave badges...


The EGX-20 is our smallest engraving machine. It is user-friendly and delivers high quality results. Use it to engrave plastics and wood for trophies, product plates and small nametags..





The METAZA MPX-90M prints "DataMatrix" barcodes on medical instruments. The impact printer "hammers" the UDI barcodes on the instruments,so that they remain permanently..


The METAZA MPX-90 makes permanent inscriptions on metal objects. The unit "hammers logos, texts and photos with a diamond tipped stylus on identification plates, silverware, jewellery and..