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The VersaUV LEC-540 and LEC-330 combine UV printing with cutting. They deliver outstanding print quality on a wide variety of materials. Use the VersaUV to create high-quality packaging prototypes, short-run labels and stickers with special effects, art posters, displays, and much more.

Wide choice of materials

The VersaUV uses a LED lamp. Since it produces no heat, heat sensitive materials can be printed without any problems. The VersaUV can print on shrink film, PE, PET, BOPP, self-adhesive PVC, paper, synthetic/natural leather and mesh, for example. One can therefore directly print on the original materials used in the packaging and label production.

Creating special effects

The VersaUV prints your designs in CMYK and white and finishes them with clear ink if so desired. You can use the white ink for all kinds of packaging prototypes on, among other things, clear film and shrink film. The clear ink helps emphasise certain parts of your print with a glossy or matt finish. Reliefs can be created by printing multiple layers one on top of the other. Examples of relief are geometric patterns and Braille. The more the layers printed one top of the other, the better you will be able to see and feel the texture.

Three ink configurations

Roland DG allows you to choose the ink configuration that best suits your business. The standard CMYK+White+Clear ink configuration can be used for the largest range of applications. The CMYK+White+White configuration is ideal for opaque white printing on transparent film. The (CMYK+Gloss+Gloss) configuration is ideal for doming or embossed effects. In the last mentioned ink combination, you can apply the clear ink faster than in the standard configuration.


ECO-UV ink

The ECO-UV ink ensures high density printing in a wide range of colours. The ink dries instantly and its flexibility prevents it from breaking up when the material is bent or stretched. ECO-UV is available in CMYK+White+Gloss in 220 ml and 500 ml cartridges*. Roland DG recommends the use of extractors with these inks.

Low maintenance

The VersaUV is extremely maintenance friendly. The automatic white ink circulation system prevents the descent of pigments and ensures continuous printing. An automatic cleaning setting is also possible.

The choice is yours

The LEC-540 is the widest printer/cutter from the VersaUV series. The unit can print on media with a width up to 137cm. The LEC-330 however can print on media with a maximum width of 76cm. The LEC-540 is twice as productive in the standard CMYK print mode as the LEC-330. The appliances are largely similar. The advantage of the LEC-540 however is that it is supplied with a table to enable direct printing on rigid substrates such as CCNB (of up to 1mm thickness). The LEC-540 has a creaser blade to mark folding lines on a packaging prototype.

Don’t require the cutting function? Go for the LEJ-640. This has all the advantages of LED UV technology, but has no cutter.

Roland VersaWorks

These devices are supplied with VersaWorks, a powerful and user-friendly RIP software specially designed for Roland inkjet technology. The software allows you to use your device optimally. VersaWorks updates can also be downloaded free of cost.

Solutions for packaging and label manufacturers

The VersaUV can create realistic prototypes, mock-ups and packaging proofs. It is also the perfect solution for short-run labels. Roland DG collaborates with various software companies. This cooperation is aimed at optimising the workflow and colour management in this highly specialised sector. This makes it possible to offer ready-to-use workflow solutions for the packaging and label industry that allow immediate commencement of an integrated proofing or short-run process. Roland DG combines its knowledge with EFI, CGS, GMG and Four Pees, among others.