Simply powerful dye sublimation transfer printing

Developed specifically for dye sublimation transfer printing, the Texart XT-640 delivers outstanding productivity, exceptional print quality and renowned reliability, thanks to its exclusive printing technology. Maximise the strength and style of your output across a wide range of applications including sportswear, fashion, soft signage, interior decoration, promotional merchandise and much more.  The XT-640 is available in two ink configurations: with 4 colours (dual CMYK) or 8 colours (CMYKLcLm + Orange + Violet).

Go digital with Texart

Discover the exciting commercial benefits of digital dye sublimation transfer printing with the Texart XT-640. With fast set up and low fixed costs, it’s quick and easy to do one-offs, sampling and limited editions. Adapt your output to customers’ requirements with ‘just in time’ and on demand production. Digital sublimation offers efficiency and flexibility too. Print different colour variations or completely different designs within the same print run to achieve mass customisation of one piece or batch up different jobs during one long run.

Superb quality with vibrant colour

The XT-640’s advanced print control technology, in combination with Texart ink produces stunning sharp image quality and brilliant vivid colour. For maximum production, the 4 colour ink configuration delivers fine detail and exceptional contrast at impressive print speeds. To optimise the already wide colour gamut, the 8 colour configuration includes Orange and Violet ink to give your prints maximum impact.

A perfect balance of productivity and quality

With its rugged construction and dual print heads in a staggered formation, the Texart XT-640 is built to meet demanding production requirements, delivering print speeds up to 63m²/h*. The XT-640 offers stability, stunning print quality and superb high-speed performance. To capture every gradation and detail, each head fires precise droplets in up to seven different sizes to accommodate media characteristics and desired print quality.

 * Print speed will be dependent on suitability to the chosen application.

High-performance ErgoSoft Roland Edition RIP included

ErgoSoft Roland Edition RIP is developed especially for Roland DG by ErgoSoft, the textile industry’s premier RIP developer. This feature-packed RIP delivers outstanding productivity and image quality, enabling powerful processing and high density printing with minimal ink usage. Optimising digital textile production with useful features such as Step & Repeat, Production Cost Calculator, Color Replace, Scale and Shrinkage Correction.

Unattended printing with complete peace of mind

The Roland Ink System ensures stable, long-run printing with one litre airtight sealed pouches. In four-colour mode, the system provides two litres per colour and the proprietary Roland Ink Switching System automatically switches to the backup ink pouch when the primary pouch runs out. This means you can replace an empty pouch on the fly without stopping the printer. And while you’re away from the printer, the Roland Printer Assist iPad** app allows remote management of common printer functions..

** iPad is a trademark of Apple, Inc.

Precise media tracking for high-volume production

Optimised fan absorption power keeps transfer paper flat for printing. A convenient Feed Adjuster at the front and rear of the printer provides even tensioning and prevents skewing of the media, resulting in a precisely wound roll on the take-up reel for smooth transition to the heat transfer process.

Be the first to finish

The Texart CS-64 calender is a professional heat transfer system that is fast, affordable and easy to use, making it a perfect finishing partner for the Texart XT-640 sublimation printer.