The DWX-51D is designed for effortless, precision production of dental prosthetics from copings, crowns and bridges to inlays, onlays and abutments, etc


The DWX-4W is a wet grinding unit for dental applications that will soon be available. It quickly and easily mills popular glass ceramic and composite resins with precision and reliability.



Introducing the world's smallest milling machine for dental prosthetics. The DWX-4 is compact in design as well as being accurate and versatile. The DWX-4 is used for milling crowns and bridges in zirconium..


The DWX-50 is an advanced 5-axis milling machine that produces high quality dental prosthetics from zirconium, wax, PMMA and composite resin, among others. Use this unit to mill crowns, bridges, abutments and..

monoFab ARM-10

The arm-10 is Rolands's first-ever 3D printer. It is the ideal machine for making prototypes for the testing of a design or a complex shape. With this machine, product developers, designers and engineers can develop..

monoFab SRM-20

The SRM-20 is Roland's latest generation desktop milling machine for the office, studio and educational environment. The SRM-20 incorporates innovative features, which result is higher milling..


The MODELA PRO II MDX-540 is our largest and most powerful milling machine. You can use it to create professional prototypes and industrial designs. You can equip the milling machine with an..


The MODELA MDX-40 is a compact milling machine with which you can create realistic models, functional prototypes and moulds. The ratio of price and quality is excellent and the machine works very..



The iModela is an inexpensive, easy-to-use device that mills wax, PU foam, soft woods and plastic materials commonly used by model building hobbyists and Do-It-Yourselfers.


The JWX-30 can quickly and easily create wax models for jewellery with the highest precision. Use the milling machine to create models for rings, pendants bracelets, brooches, earrings and cufflinks.