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R45T Roll to Roll

R45T Roll to Roll R45T Roll to Roll R45T Roll to Roll
R45T Roll to Roll© Fast Facts
  • Small foorprint D16" x W33" x H26".
  • 8" O.D. Max Roll Size.
  • 4"x5" Standard Heat Platen.
  • 4"x4" Standard Lower Plant - Allows for transfer sizes up to 3.75" x 3.75".
  • Digitla Timer - Adjustable up to 999 seconds shows countdown on read out.
  • Digital Heat Control - adjustable up to 425°F and displays current temprature.
  • Quick Release - Tooless locking hub for quick change over between roll lables.
  • Over/Under Multicolor index reader - easily adjustable to read either side of label with teachable sensor for accurate indexing.
  • Tooless Web guides - adjust web guides quickly and easily for accurate web tracking.
  • Optical Two-Hand Control Switches - Requires operator to have hands clear of heat head when operating machine.
  • Interchangeable Lower Platen - Quick change over of lower pad for shaped dies.
  • Ait Control - Fully adjustable pressure range control.
  • Core-less Take up Reel - Easily discard spent roll stock; no core, no tape, simpy place end of roll between reel fingers.
  • Emergency Stop.
  • Manual/Auto Selection - Drive selection Button.
  • Jog Button - For manually advancing roll transfers during set-up operations.
  • Lighted Power Button.

R45T Roll to Roll© Specs
  • 120 volt, 4 amps, 450 watts
  • Heat Platen 4"x5"
  • Standard Lower Transfer Platen 4x4"
  • Effective Transfers Size 3.75"x3.75"
  • Custom Lower Plantens Available
  • Requires only 4cfm air

R45T Roll to Roll© Overview

Speed, durability and ease of use separate the HIX Digital R2R from all other roll label transfer presses. Designed specifically for High Production application of tagless care labels with transfer times quick as one second on a variety of fabrics. Short web paths, toolless web guides and quick release lower platens decrease change-over times and eliminate excessive waste. User friendly machine controls, and a multi-color index reader insure precise label placement. The HIX R2R easy load system requires no tools, sensor adjustment is simple and capable of reading either side of the roll transfer. The reader is programmable to detect virtually all colors in the spectrum in on quick step. Digital controls guarantee precise heat and time control, the core-less take up reel makes discarding spent roll stock quick and easy with no need for tape or spare cores and for shaped dies, the quick change over of the lower pad eliminates the handling of hot dies. The HIX Digital R2R is the perfect solution for your tagless applications.