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HMW II© Fast Facts
  • Tool-less.
  • Quick Release Clasp.
  • Handle to Handle Imaging.
  • Sized for Most Standard 11oz. and 15oz. Mugs.
  • Custom Sizes Available i.e.; shot glasses, dog bowls, mini mugs, etc...

HMW II© Overview

The HMWII is an economical way to start mug production in your home or business; create high quality, top to bottom, handle to handle mugs or even Dog Bowls!

One mug at a time not fast enough? Then HIX Mug Wraps are what you need. Produced with the highest quality rubber and innovate tool-less clamp the HIX Mug Wraps out performs all others. Combine the HIX Mug Wrap with a HIX Mug Oven and produce up to 350 mugs/hr for un-matched production speeds. From one-off mugs to high volume production HIX offers the right equipment for your specific needs.

The advantage of the HIX WRAP is its innovative clasping technology. No other mug wrap on the market is as easy to apply or remove as the HIX WRAP. No more looking for your tools, No more fumbling with awkward closing mechanisms that require 3 hands, and most importantly No more lost time.

Image quality is unsurpassed. Because the HIX WRAP does not have the typical "dead areas" associated with a mug press you can virtually image "Handle to Handle". Also the HIX WRAP can be ordered in multiple widths and heights increasing your product offerings such as "dog bowls". Image top to bottom, again the image size will only be limited to the size of your wrap and the type of product you are imaging.

So whether you are looking for the least expensive way to introduce yourself into the mug world or you are looking to expand your high volume production, the HIX WRAP is the perfect addition to any mug production facility.