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(48" Wide x 20' Long Gas Convection Air Conveyor Oven)

HIX Thermatrol gas fired conveyor dryers are simply the best. Utilizing 41 years of experience, HIX has engineered a more energy efficient gas dryer than competitors. A energy efficient 300,000 BTU burner is used in conjuction with a fresh air combustion blower that allows the dryer to recirculate most of the oven chamber heat. This design is much more efficient than "total loss" exhausting models. This also saves energy that a HVAC unit heating or cooling a building would use in reheating or recooling the air that goes into the dryer.

Thermatrol Gas Conveyor Oven Features:

  • Energy efficient 300,000 BTU burner.
  • Single speed recirculating air system.
  • Fresh air combustion blower lowers NOx and CO emmission output.
  • Analog belt speed control and digital temperature control.
  • High resolution gas modulating valve allows temperature to stay within +/-5 degrees F of set point.
  • Manual reset high temperature limit switch, combustion air proving switch, recirculating air proving switch, exhaust air proving switch, and flame safeguard control.
  • Easy access filters for cleaning and removable top panels make it convenient for maintaining.
  • Natural gas or propane models available.
  • Built to UL-795 standard for commercial gas fired ovens.


(36" Wide x 12' Long Gas Convection Air Conveyor Oven)