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Mug Ovens

Mug Ovens

Mug Ovens© Fast Facts

Up to 600 Mugs Per Hour

Mug Ovens© Specs

HIX has two standard mug ovens, and custom sizes are available:
2414, a 24" wide by 14' long mug oven system, will process over 200 mugs per hour. Mugs come off the oven through our cooler, which allows for cool easy handling/packaging right off the production line. No messy water quenching.
3625, a 36" wide by 25' long oven, will process 600 mugs per hour! A larger, longer, wider belt allows for more wraps and higher production capabilities.
Custom oven systems, with capacities to handle your production needs, are also available. Please call for more information.

Mug Ovens© Overview

HIX Mug ovens and coolers, a perfect combination with the HIX Mug Wrap.

Finally, a solution you can rely on for creating large quantities of decorative mugs that are clear, crisp and colorful looking. With 45 years of HIX engineered oven technology, you can believe we produce the best!