Designed with the most stringent quality applications in mind, A.W.T./American M & M's Vanguard Graphic Screen Printers offer the perfect combination of highly versatile production, state of the art technology, and user friendly, tool free, operation.

Built to withstand years of continuous high performance production, the Vanguard graphics printers have firmly established themselves as the industry standard.

Made in America, the Vanguard is a machine tool with unparallel accuracy and dependability.


Three-way micro-registration system allows for quick, precise and easy image registration. Movement is read on dual positioning grids for positive reference.

Programmed Stroke Length
Electronic stroke length programming allows the operator to set the necessary carriage travel length to the specific job requirements, lessening printing time and overworking the ink.

Off-Contact Peel Adjustment
Single point peel adjustment, synchronized with the speed and carriage travel, provides the proper peel rate to teach specific job for fine and crisp print definition.

Machine Tool Accuracy
Ball bearings and hardened ways are utilized throughout these long stroke machines, for moving the carriage in any direction accurately, smoothly and efficiently.

Digital Controls
State-of-the-art, integrated digital controls, electronic programming, production monitoring and on-board diagnostics, make these presses the “standard” of the screen printing industry.

Remote Diagnostics
A phone-modem connection provides a direct link between the printer's on-board microprocessor and the central A.W.T. diagnostics computer. The instant service feature reduces downtime by up to 80% and minimizes the need for expensive on-site service calls.

Additional standard features:

  • Independent print and flood speeds
  • Patented “squeegelizer” air controls
  • Reliable AC inverter motor controls
  • Pulse-free print carriage drive
  • Adjustable holders for narrow stock
  • Squeegee angle adjustment
  • Squeegee “all up” neutral
  • Tool-free adjustments
  • Synchronized and adjustable peel system
  • Safety bars and photo-eye protection
  • Air screen frame clamps – front and rear
  • Screen holder capacity up to three inches
  • Head up/down controls
  • On-board diagnostics
  • Convenient up-front controls

  • Specifications

    Cat. No

    Print Area


    Speed Cycle

    Air Req.

    Max Frame Size


    VG-5284 52" x 84"
    ( 132 x 213 cm )
    107" x 100" x 54" 650 IPH 90 psi
    2 cfm
    75.5" x 102"

    230V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz - 40 A

    VG-6096 60" x 96"
    ( 152.4 x 243 cm )
    121" x 109" x 54" 600 IPH 90 psi
    2 cfm
    84" x 114" 230V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz - 40 A
    VG-60120 60" x 120"
    ( 152.4 x 305 cm )
      600 IPH 90 psi
    2 cfm
      230V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz - 40 A

    Options Accessories

    • Printing table prepped for take-off system
    • Adjustable air gripper-style automated take-off
    • Registration guide pins with on/off controls

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