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Introduction to Screen printing

Here are some of the subjects we will cover

1.  Introduction to screen printing

Overview of what screenprinting is, where and how the method is applied. Technological changes from the beginning, future of screenprinting etc.

2.  Artwork Preparation

Artwork creation and color separation in Photo Shop (spot colors, half-tones etc.) Film output, what type of printers and films to use and how to print your films for maximum efficiency

3.  Preparing the screens

How to set up your darkroom and the different components inside. Screen Exposure, variables and how to properly washout an image after exposed. Frame and mesh selection, fabric tension / emulsions / screen exposure times / reclaiming/ pre-press preparation / degreasing / coating / drying / block-out.

4.  Garment Printing Inks

Ink color choices, plastisol inks / types of plastisol / curing units / conveyor drying / curing temperature / plastisol additives / mixing colors / water based inks / special effects ink and other specialty inks for various applications.

5.  Screenprinting Equipment

Manual machine / automatic machines / exposure unit / flash units / dryers / transfer machines cap printers / squeegees etc.

6.  Press Set-Up

Film set-up and registration / print order / sample making / printing techniques / flash curing / printing off-contact / flood strokes / multicolor printing / 4 color process printing / printing on dark garments and other types of fabrics / special effects printing / micro registration etc.

7.  Curing & Drying of Inks

Curing / flash curing / curing and testing / conveyor drying time and temperature, troubleshooting etc.

8.  Tearing Down a Job

Proper cleaning techniques / washing screens / storing screens / reclaiming screens / inspection of screens before storage / properly storing all supplies / cleaning squeegees

9.  Equipment Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining machines and accessories for optimum performance and long life

10. General Troubleshooting

Problem simulation and solving production tips and tricks / extensive question & answer period

11. Shop Safety & Regulations

Safety tips / proper use of chemicals / protective equipment / cleanliness and good work habits / environmental issues.


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