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Entry Level Ultraviolet Screen Exposing Units

E-1000 Ultraviolet Exposure SystemThe E-1000 is our newest UV exposure unit designed for the entry level market. This high quality machine is sold as a table top or with our new utility cart. The utility cart is available with a light tight door to store up to eleven, ready to expose screens. To complete your shop, look at our new V-1000 press, available with up to 4 tables and 6 colors, the F-Flash, 18" sq. flash cure, and the DB-30, 120 volt 30" wide conveyor belt dryer.
Standard Features:
Power vacuum hold down
21" x 24" screen capacity
4 - 24" black UV bulbs
Uses electronic ballasts
Vacuum draws through lower frame
Precision timer controls lights and vacuum
Heavy duty frame with bearing lid locks
High bulb density, 3-1/2" center to center
VRS Pin Registration compatible
Screens can be VRS pin registered
Fits onto VDC-243410 screen drying cabinet
1 year warranty on manufacturers defects1
Optional Features:
Utility cart for storage and mobility
VRS Pin Registration
40 Watt UV Bulbs (purchased as add-on kit)
240 Volt 50/60 Hz.

Actual performance increase will depend on various external factors such as emulsion used, drying conditions, weather, mesh used, etc.