Vastex Screen Printing Products


Premium Flash Cure Unit

Due to supply constraints, new AutoFlash units will temporarily include an analog timer rather than touchscreen controls.

The AutoFlash upgrade rotates the head of the flash cure unit into place above the pallet with the touch of a foot pedal, and automatically rotates the head away from the pallet after a user-adjustable dwell time has elapsed to prevent burning or under-flashing of garments that occurs when operators become distracted.

All AutoFlash units are now equipped as standard with an HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) to control and display dwell time and direction of head rotation. More visible from a distance than previous controls, it also displays a 'ready' message for the next cycle and improves cycle reaction by responding accurately whether the foot switch is pressed during or following a flash cure cycle.

The Auto Flash unit features a high-torque DC gear motor and eccentric arm drive that actuates head rotation progressively for smooth starts and stops, and a foot pedal switch with 7 ft (2 m) cord for operator convenience.

A "Breakaway Detent" feature stops the head from rotating if it encounters an obstacle, maximizing operator safety while minimizing damage to the flash cure head, the Auto-Flash gearbox and/or the screen printing press.

The AutoFlash upgrade is now offered on all models of Vastex flash cure units: F-Series, RedFlash and Air-Flash


  • Easy-to-read HMI display panel
  • Powerful DC gear motor
  • Selectable clockwise or counterclockwise 95° head rotation
  • Eccentric arm drive for smooth start and stop
  • 0 to 30 second precision timer
  • Foot pedal actuator on 7 foot cord
  • Ships UPS in three separate boxes


  • Heavy Duty Stand with large locking casters
  • International power cords available


Complete New Unit

  • Choose heater style:
    • F-Series
    • RedFlash
    • Air-Flash
  • Choose AutoFlash voltage:
    • 120 VAC
    • 240 VAC
  • Choose Stand:
    • Heavy duty
    • original

Upgrade for Existing Unit

  • Choose AutoFlash voltage:
    • 120 VAC
    • 240 VAC