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SH 1818

SH 1818               Manual


SH 1818© Fast Facts

  • Same great features as our ASH models without the fan air assist.
  • High Performance long lasting heater element.
  • Insulated safeguard housing.

SH 1818© Specs
  • Heathead Size
  • 18� x 18�
  • Adjustable Height
  • 28 x 48
  • Weight
  • 147 .lbs, 65Kg

SH 1818© Overview

HIX Flash/Spot Cure Models are designed for your needs; available in three models and two sizes each.

Utilizing a rugged infra-red heating element, adjustable height and easy positioning wheels. Our SH and ASH models have an energy saving heat sink that saves 70% of your heat when in idle. Saving you big electricity bills.