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Freedom Automatic Textile Printer    

6 colors 8 stations

The FREEDOM with its exclusive quick set self-leveling squeegee and simple-to-use micro-registration ensures set-ups are as fast as on manual printing, allowing you to print even samples automatically.

The main frame, screen and platen arms are solid welded construction of very thick walled mechanical steel tubing and steel plate resulting in unsurpassed durability. The FREEDOM's pneumatic drive system is quiet, smooth and extremely dependable, able to undertake even the most demanding product requirements. With standard features like a rotating control panel, individual print controls for each screen, manual print buttons, water base ink mode, production counter, and a foot pedal it's easy to see why the FREEDOM is leading the screen printing industry.

With a proven history of dependability the FREEDOM enables a screen printer to be 14 times more productive than when manually printing.

Freedom offers simplicity, durability, and reliability. So when making a decision on the direction your company will go, get the FREEDOM you've always wanted.


See the Workhorse Tuf Freedom Automatic Printer demonstration video below

FREEDOM's Standard Features

16" X 18" Maximum Print Area
Two Year Warranty
Pnuematic Screen Clamps Print Stroke Adjustment
Fully Rotating Control Box
Missed Platen Feature
Adjustable Screen Clamps
Begin / End Production Mode
Automatic Index Foot Pedal
Sample Shirt Mode
6 Point Registration System
Front and Rear Micro Registration
Production Counter
Front Micro Registration Grid
Adjustable Index Speed
17" x 23" Adult Platens
Flood/Print/Delay Timer Controls
Micro Processor Controlled
Single/Double Print Strokes Per Screen
Maintenance Free Print Heads
Print/Flood Angle Adjustment
Dual Durometer Squeegees
Individual Print Button for each Head
17" Adult Flood/Print Squeegees
Rotating Registration Lamp

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