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Progressive Falcon M Automatic Textile Printer    

Falcon M


Models: Available in 8 & 10 Color Models, Print Area: 18x18"

Key Benefits:                                                                      Falcon M features Product brochure

Ease of Operation Maximizes Profit
Logical Layout of Controls - Minimal Staff Training
Real-Time Production Data - Optimizes Production Planning
Built-in Operational Timers - Enhanced Efficiency
Powerful Setup Functions - Expands Print Versatility
True Machine Diagnostic On Screen - Eliminates Downtime

Smooth Reliable Servo-Indexer
High Speed Servo-Glide Technology - Increased Production Rates
Digital Control of Critical Indexer Function and Positioning
Independent Platen Sizes Settings - Eliminates Costly Adjustment Time
Servo- Motor Shaft Drive Ball Screw Indexer
Automatic Home Function for Accurate Servo Repositioning

Fast Setup for Maximum Production
Easy Flip Print Head Design
Screen Holders Setup for Newman Pin System
Yellow Bar Pneumatic Screen Lockdown System
Squeegee and Floodbar Pneumatic Clamps
Tool Free Print Head Adjustments
Central Off-Contact Adjustment

Superior Design and Construction
Adjustable Front & Rear Screen Holders- Maximum Image to Screen Versatility
No Tools Stroke Adjustment Design- Eliminates Sensor Movement
Rodless Cylinders & Compact Linear Guide Rails- Faster Print Operation
Heavy-Duty Chopper Cylinders - Maximizes Pressure Adjustments
Standard Squeegee, Floodbar, Pallets- Interchanges with Existing Equipment
Quick Change Pallets with Locking Cams - No Tools Required

Integrated Flash Cures- Plug-&-Go Technology
Flash Cure Functionality - Controlled from Operator Interface
Plug-&-Go Technology - Plug Flash into Machine and It's Ready to Go
Short Wave Quartz Technology - Rapid Flash Time
Combination Quartz Air System - No Cool Down Station Needed
Radiant Flash Cure Design - Speed the Repositioning of Flash Cure

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