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The Freedom Express

The Freedom Express leads the way as an entry-level automatic screen printing press.  This fully pneumatic press powered by the Workhorse OS  has everything you need to tackle the transition from manual to automatic printing.
  • 6 Colors/8 Stations
  • 15″ x 15″ Print Area
  • Air Print Heads & Air Indexing
  • Electric: 110V, 50-60Hz, 3amps | Air: 110psi, 23cfm
  • Overall Diameter 10′


Workhorse OS Touchscreen Interface

Intuitive software with functions like Sample Print Mode, Missed Shirt Feature and Orbital Mode.

All -Access Control Panel

The control panel is easy to learn and operate. It can be rotated to any print station. This flexibility gives you complete control of the entire machine from anywhere on the press.


Plug N Go flash capabilities.
Independent print/flood speed controls, on each printhead.
AC/electric driven printheads.


Compatible with most Pin registration systems
Enhanced front micro- registration adjustments with visual guides.


Angle, pressure, and speed adjustments are independently set (tool-free).
Front or rear print carriage stop position allows operator to leave screens clear or flooded (great for water-based inks).

Central Off Contact

Operators have the ability to quickly change between different substrates with the fast and easy central off contact feature.

FlashBack Compatible

The patented FlashBack is the only system on the market that allows you to print, flash, and cool all at one station. This means a six color printer can truly print six colors.

Freedom Express Video

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