The Accu-Print High-Tech V offers a combination of engineering attributes that simply cannot be matched. A patented computer controlled stroke length adjustment and our unique ink recovery system are sufficient to establish the High-Tech V in a category of its own. Add interactive diagnostics ( standard ) two way phone modem direct service capabilities and other features and you are looking at a world class flat bed screen printing machine.

Yet many of the most compelling reasons to choose the High-Tech V are not readily visible; belt drive heavy duty ball-bearing carriage for smooth squeegee action, independent carriage stroke and head-lift drive, electro-mechanical brake, four point masterframe lock-in, new up-front peel control with optional parallel peel system ( patent pending ), quiet maintenance free vacuum motor and more safety features than any other press.

Ultimately, the most outstanding feature of the High-Tech V is the company behind it. A.W.T. has more screen printing experience than any other company, with quality and performance in mind. Designed for durability, low maintenance and instant service, this press is built for the long run, with the technology to work for you every day. You can count on A.W.T. to be there with complete technical back-up and service.


Four Point Off-Contact Control
Easily accessible turnbuckle settings and rear screen holder height adjustments

Four Point Masterframe Lock-In
Ball-bearing head lock for the tightest repeatable registration performance

New Upfront Tool-free Peel Rate Setting
Allows infinite adjustment to the automatic peel system from 0 - 1"

New exclusive Peel System
Upfront, easy to access controls

New Tool-free Position Settings For Front & Rear Screen Holders
To accommodate smaller screen sizes

All aluminum vacuum table
2" thick table with the heaviest gauge plate in the industry top and bottom.

Three-Way mode selection
Timer, Jog and Foot Pedal selections available

Independent squeegee and flood bar speeds
An essential print quality control feature

Squeegee/flood bar angle adjustments
For absolute print control on challenging jobs

Independent carriage stroke and head lift drive
Assures smooth, even print stroke

Belt drive heavy duty ball bearing print carriage

Ensures quiet trouble-free / vibration-free operation

Wrap around safety bar with Lift-BackTM
Protects operator with four point micro-switch protection

Adjustable vacuum and blowback
For easy stock removal

Up-front computer controlled stroke setting
Sets stroke length quickly and precisely up-front at the main control panel. No tools, no wasted motion, no sensors to move.

Advanced Ink recovery Feature
Allows efficient use of ink deposit during operation; shifts squeegee back without changing stroke length

Front or rear carriage stop mode
For running solvent or UV curable inks; operator selects flood or non-flood carriage stop position

New pneumatic squeegee / Flood assembly system
Total pneumatic squeegee pressure assures consistent print quality.
With repositioned air cylinders to equalize pressure for positive squeegee contact across the print area.

Key operated carriage cycle
When the masterframe is disconnected for set-up or cleaning, key control lifts and lowers head, prevents accidental cycling of press

Swing-Away control panel
Maximizes operator convenience and improves overall production efficiency

Super-Tight Micro-Registration
New baring actuated system delivers tolerances to +/- .002"

Universal drop-down masterframe
With built in safety, disengages from head for safe, easy set-up; accepts all frame sizes, press will not run when disengaged

World-Wide direct service instantly via remote telephone modem hook-up
Phone modem feature provides a direct communication link between the High-Tech on-board micro-processor and the central A.W.T.'s diagnostics computer for instant worldwide service. Local PC hook-up in customer plant is not required.

  • Fast identification and correction of malfunction sources.
  • Remote downloading of software upgrades.   Press Diagnostics & Productivity Interface
    Instant, on-board trouble shooting with productivity enhancement programming. Screens include basic press information, automatic error messages and individual job status. Works with remote phone modem to reduce downtime and maximize service turnaround.
  • Electronic trouble shooting minimizes downtime.
  • Automatic error message display.
  • Interactive job status screens include quantity printed and stroke length parameters.
  • Quantity Mode feature stops the press automatically when the job is complete.


Cat. No Max Print Area Cycle Speed Range Electrical Amps HP
APV-4464 44" x 64"
( 112 x 163 cm )
Up to 750 iph 220 V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz 15 2.0
APV-5252 52" x 52"
( 132 x 132 cm )
Up to 500 iph 220 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz 20 2.0
APV-5280 52" x 80"
( 132 x 203 cm )
Up to 500 iph 220 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz 20 2.0
APV-5296 52" x 96"
(132 x 244 cm )
Up to 500 iph 220 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz 20 3
APV-52120 52" x 120"
( 132  x 305 cm )
Up to 500 iph 220 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz 25 3
APV-6280 62" x 80"
( 157 x 203 cm )
Up to 500 iph 220 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz 25 3
APV-6096 60" x 96"
( 152 x 244 cm )
Up to 500 iph 220 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz 25 3

Max. Print Thickness  -  1" ( 2.54 cm )    /    Min Frame O.D.  -  19" ( 49 cm )
220 V, 1 Ph, 50 & 60 Hz models also available

** Minimum 25 cfm, 3 HP compressor required for operation with Take-Off

Options Accessories


Cat. No Description
APV-TO64 Take-Off for Accu-Print High-Tech V 44" x 64"
APV-TO80 Take-Off for Accu-Print High-Tech V 52" x 80"
APV-TO96 Take-Off for Accu-Print High-Tech V 52" x 96"
APV-TO120 Take-Off for Accu-Print High-Tech V 52" x 120"
APV-TO6280 Take-Off for Accu-Print High-Tech V 62" x 80"
APV-TO6096 Take-Off for Accu-Print High-Tech V 60" x 96"

Cat. No Description
APV-GR Extra gripper assembly for High Tech HL Four Post Take-Off
APV-PG Pneumatically operated disappearing feeding guides
APV-PSF Pneumatic Squeegee / Floodbar "U" Clamps
APV-PS Squeegee / Floodbar  pneumatic support cylinders
APV-FPC Front pneumatic clamps with controls
APV-EPS Equal pressure indicator system for chopper assembly
APV-PPO Parallel Peel Option
APV-SPP Spare parts package
E5-350 Conversion to 50 Hz

Product Literature