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A.W.T. takes pride in introducing the finest, most flexible range of trouble-free small- to mid-size flatbed screen printers. The Accu- Print™ is easy to set up, easy to control and produces top-quality prints. Solid state technology offers all the flexibility of larger more expensive printers.

Easy tool-less operation of the squeegee and flood bar pressure adjustment is a feature unique to this size press. Independent squeegee and flood bar locking angle adjustments and independent speed controls for the squeegee and flood bar are also standard on the Accu-Print. The standard squeegelizer assures uniform print pressure across the entire squeegee blade.

Easily adjustable "0" off-contact control allows proper snap of the screen as it comes off the stock on the print stroke. The peel rate is infinitely variable and easily adjusted to the specific requirements of each print job.

The Accu-Print's master frame is a standard feature usually found only on larger presses. The master frame is universally designed to hold most frames, including re-tensionable frames, and securely locks in place for proper registration and print repeatability. The DC-driven squeegee carriage ensures smooth print stroke operation. Precisely graduated micro-registration controls make extremely accurate, high precision, repeatable printing easy on the Accu-Print.

A.W.T.'s extremely quiet vacuum motor operates without brushes or sparks and is energy efficient and virtually maintenance free for over 20,000 hours of reliable operation. These motors are standard on the Accu-Print and firmly hold stock in register on the vacuum bed during the print stroke.

The Stay-Flat™, anodized, all aluminum, static-reducing vacuum bed is designed for accurate printing on a uniform, flat surface. The Accu-Print is engineered to print on a wide variety of substrates. Vacuum bed height is easily adjustable to 14" (35 cm) for printing on materials of varying thickness, including waste receptacles, computer housings, tool boxes, electrical boxes, beverage container cases and faceplates. The Accu-Print can also be built with an optional T-shirt pallet or an overall pallet.

The stroke is easily adjustable from the rear of the frame toward the front. This adjustment allows the guides to stay in their original position and permits maximum savings of mesh and top cycling speeds. All-around safety package stops the press action when any object interferes with the front or sides of the safety bar.

The front of the press has a wide open area for easy access to the screen during set up and operation. The up-front control panel has separate squeegee and flood speed controls, operating mode selection (dwell timer, foot pedal or single print), digital sheet counter, vacuum on/off and press stop and start switches. The Accu-Print is mounted on heavy duty casters with locking levelers for easy mobility. Easy-to-use micro-registration controls for highly accurate and repeatable printing. Universal master frame accepts all frames, including re-tensionable frames. Screen locks into place for reliable registration. All around safety bar protects operator on three sides of press. Single Point off-contact adjustment controls snap of screen for each job's specific requirements.



  • Independent Squeegee & Flood Bar Speed Controls, operating mode selection ( dwell timer, foot pedal or single print ), digital sheet counter, vacuum on/off and press stop and start are on the control panel
  • Single Point Off-Contact Adjustment
  • Tool-less Squeegee &, Flood Pressure Controls, pneumatic squeegee pressure equalizer assures uniform print pressure across the entire squeegee blade
  • Automatic Squeegelizer for Uniform Print Pressure
  • Quiet Brush-free, spark-free, maintenance-free, energy efficient vacuum motor  for an extremely quiet shop
  • Locking Levelers & Castor Mobility
  • Independent Squeegee & Flood Bar Locking Angle Adjustments
  • Easy to use Micro-Registration controls for highly accurate and repeatable printing
  • Universal Master Flame accepts all re-tensionable frames
  • Automatic Adjustable Peel Rate  for the specific variables of each job
  • Built-in Automatic Oiler
  • Anodized all-aluminum vacuum bed has height adjustment to 12" ( 30.4 cm ) for printing on a variety of substrates
  • Open Area for Easy Viewing of screens and fast set up
  • Lock-In Head for Print Repeatability
  • Exclusive Wrap Around Safety Package with 4-Point Feature
  • “0” Off-Contact
  • Dwell Timer or Foot Pedal Control
  • Easy Stroke Adjustment from back of press allows the guides to keep their original placement on the all-aluminum Stay-FlatTM vacuum bed
  • Mounted on heavy duty casters for easy mobility


Cat. No Vacuum/Max. Print Area Max. Print Thickness Overall
Vacuum Bed
Cycle Speed Range Electrical Press Amps H/P
AP-1525T 15" x 25"
(38 x 63.5 cm )
( 35 cm )
22.5"  x 34.5"
( 57 x 88 cm )
300-1100 iph 115 V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz
( 220 V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz also available )
12 3/4



Cat. No

Frame Dimensions O.D.

Copy Dimensions

Well Dimensions

  A B a b c d e

( 75 cm )

( 91 cm )

( 38 cm )

( 63.5 cm )

( 16 cm )
( 13 cm )
( 21.5 cm )

Options & Accessories

Cat. No Description
AP-PSF Pneumatic Squeegee / Floodbar "U" Clamps
AP-FPC Front pneumatic clamps
AP-RPC Rear pneumatic clamps
AP-SMC Sliding manual frame clamps - front & rear
AP-SPP Spare parts package
E5-350 Conversion to 50 Hz


A.W.T.'s Accu-Lift™ Take-Off eliminates the need for an operator to unload printed stock. Grippers mechanically remove the printed sheet from the vacuum bed and place it on the conveyor belt for delivery to the dryer.

  • Smooth, air-operated drive system with adjustable speeds accommodates different substrates' thicknesses and weights.
  • Independent speed controls for both directions (pick-up and delivery) of stock.
  • Gripper fingers use minimal space and are infinitely positionable side to side or front to back. They are also easily adjustable to various stock thicknesses.
  • Smooth delivery of a wide range of substrates including card, paper, plastics, masonite and aluminum.
  • Unique grippers also pick up irregular shapes, such as circles.
  • Electronically timed with the speed of the press for fast, easy set up and synchronization for smooth production.
  • Additional grippers are available and easy to install in minutes.
  • Take-Off is available in left-hand or right-hand configurations.