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You don’t have to sacrifice large printer features if what you need is a small printer that does automatic work.

If your screen printing requirements are limited to smaller sizes, then there’s an S-912 series machine that will fill the bill. Choose the elevated base for thicker materials…the micro-adjustable table for precision control…or the rotating index table with take-off device.

Don’t be misled by cheap imitations. The S-912 series is designed for easy maintenance and long operating life. Experience has proven it to be the finest screen printer in its size and price range.


  • Adjustable Stroke
  • Solid State 1-15 Second Dwell
  • 5 Digit Reset Counter
  • Adjustable Dwell Position
  • Caster Base for Easy Mobility
  • Plastic Squeegee and Aluminum Flood Bar
  • Variable Cycle Speeds
  • Maintenance Free, Heavy Duty Rotron Vacuum (S-912T only)
  • Micro Register Rear Screen Frame Clamp (S-912T only)
  • Formica Laminated Vacuum Printing Surface (except S-912T which has 24” dia. Rotary Table)
  • Up-Front Control Panel Provides Total Operator Convenience

Options & Accessories

  • Elevated Base
    – lowers table away from screen for printing on plywood, glass, Styrofoam, plastic extrusions, etc.

  • Micro-Adjustable Table
    – for simple, rapid registry adjustment. Calibrated in .001” increments for screeners demanding precision control at their fingertips.

  • Rotat-Index Table
    – with interchangeable fixture plates and pin lift, belt type take-off device.

  • Single Cycle Foot Switch

Product Literature

Cat. No

Print Area


Speed Cycle


Shipping Weight


S-912M 9" x 12"
( 22.9 x 30.5 cm )
38" x 21" x 52.5" 800/1600 IPH 1/2 375 lbs ( 170 kg )

115V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz